Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ December 9, 2017/ Be Inspired

Energy There’s a total difference in seeing yourself somewhere, taking yourself there and knowing you’re there. They come along with different kinds of feelings Each has a different feeling: “Hopes and Dreams”, “Hardwork and Sacrifices”, “Success and Fulfilment” Each in a different world of its own, Requires a different level of “Energy”

Bla Bla Bla

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ December 9, 2017/ Poems

Bla Bla Bla Your love like a sunflower, was golden bright with everyday passing by, you gave me light…

Dark Marrows

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ December 9, 2017/ Poems

Dark Marrows Day after day, we seek this life, So much, it has become rife, Upon every breadth, we forget the one who makes us live, Not knowing that living is not just being alive,

Refrain From Haram(Not Permissible Acts)

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ December 1, 2017/ Be Inspired

Whenever you’re around someone or something, and all that fills your mind is Haram thoughts, please refrain from it and seek Allah’s protection & guidance, because as much as you may want to paint it as Halal, it’s not Halal. May Allah forgive us and strengthen us on this blessed day. Amin Halal – Permissible Acts. Such as being kind to humanity. Haram – Not Permissible Acts. Such as terrorising humanity.

Your mind is your greatest source of strength

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ November 17, 2017/ Be Inspired, Faith, Random Words

if against all odds and all economic setbacks, negativity, downtimes your mind is still intact, then you’re strong. Muscles aren’t what make you strong, they only take about 10% in what makes a man strong. The rest (90%) is made up of your mind. Your mind is your greatest source of strength.


Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ November 9, 2017/ Be Inspired

Happiness is understanding sadness, understanding what it could take away from you, understanding how it could destroy you and your potential. The choice not to allow this happen is what true happiness is. This is what happiness truly means.


Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ October 27, 2017/ Be Inspired

Do not let anyone fool you into thinking your age defines your intellect or your success or what you can achieve. Learn as much as you can, work, do new things as much as you can, if possibly do it even better. Achieve more in less time. it’s called dedication, focus, hard work. All together in the end, It’s titled “SUCCESS” #agedoesnotdefinemyintellect


Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ October 11, 2017/ Faith

we check our instagrams, facebook, twitters and others to see who we followed that followed us back or just someone with so many friends who liked our latest posts. but… do we follow Allah ? does allah like our latest attitude, talks, habits, deeds ? do we follow the sayings of Rasulullah (s.a.w) ? even though Allah keeps us so close all the time. if only we could pay more

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#Activate Your Stealth Mode to Build Yourself

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ September 30, 2017/ Be Inspired

Keeping a low #profile actually helps to build #psychological #stability, having #time to #work on yourself, #process and #filter the #information around you and absorbing the #good or the #best. You build yourself, #spiritually, #physically, #emotionally and #psychologically…


Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ September 12, 2017/ Be Inspired

Start now or start later, it’s up to you to decide when the rewards will come… -O. Chelsea