Be a chameleon

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ February 14, 2018/ Random Words

A lot of people think chameleons represent deceit and untruthfulness. But the Truth is a chameleon changes it color when it feels threatened and at anytime it likes, without threatening other animals, it only protects itself without harming others. So change and be a chameleon 😎 #chameleon #strength #quote


Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ January 13, 2018/ Random Words

Hope is never enough, have more, have faith!

My People

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ December 30, 2017/ Random Words

Hello guys, it’s been a while I dropped something for you all to read. So, I thought of doing something different, adding a bit of spice and naturality into what we have already been writing. This “My People” I decided to write in the local English of Nigeria (Pidgin English) as we call it. Although it’s my first, but I’ll improve on it. I hope you enjoy it.

Dispose It

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ December 30, 2017/ Random Words

Everyday and every time, you come across people or things that will continuously prove to be worthless, not worth your time and irrelevant. Piling up all these could be a great disaster later on in life, the only way to save yourself from this is to Dispose Irrelevant Things Fast!  


Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ December 9, 2017/ Be Inspired

Energy There’s a total difference in seeing yourself somewhere, taking yourself there and knowing you’re there. They come along with different kinds of feelings Each has a different feeling: “Hopes and Dreams”, “Hardwork and Sacrifices”, “Success and Fulfilment” Each in a different world of its own, Requires a different level of “Energy”

Bla Bla Bla

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ December 9, 2017/ Poems

Bla Bla Bla Your love like a sunflower, was golden bright with everyday passing by, you gave me light…

Dark Marrows

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ December 9, 2017/ Poems

Dark Marrows Day after day, we seek this life, So much, it has become rife, Upon every breadth, we forget the one who makes us live, Not knowing that living is not just being alive,

Refrain From Haram(Not Permissible Acts)

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ December 1, 2017/ Be Inspired

Whenever you’re around someone or something, and all that fills your mind is Haram thoughts, please refrain from it and seek Allah’s protection & guidance, because as much as you may want to paint it as Halal, it’s not Halal. May Allah forgive us and strengthen us on this blessed day. Amin Halal – Permissible Acts. Such as being kind to humanity. Haram – Not Permissible Acts. Such as terrorising humanity.

Your mind is your greatest source of strength

Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ November 17, 2017/ Be Inspired, Faith, Random Words

if against all odds and all economic setbacks, negativity, downtimes your mind is still intact, then you’re strong. Muscles aren’t what make you strong, they only take about 10% in what makes a man strong. The rest (90%) is made up of your mind. Your mind is your greatest source of strength.


Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus/ November 9, 2017/ Be Inspired

Happiness is understanding sadness, understanding what it could take away from you, understanding how it could destroy you and your potential. The choice not to allow this happen is what true happiness is. This is what happiness truly means.